ViA LOOP cap


LOOP cap is accessory for drinking ViA bottle.

LOOP is the perfect solution to safely carry your GemWater ViA bottle in style.  Every LOOP consists of two silicone pieces; one with a handle to cover the top lid and one for the bottom lid. The LOOP caps comes in black or white.

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Full Description

LOOP cap is accessory for ViA Water Bottle .
For even better use of the GemWater ViA bottle, we recommend using one of several useful accessories (sleeves and loop caps) that make using your ViA bottle even more convenient and exciting.
With your ViA bottle you can really drink gemstone water anywhere.
Fill it with water from any drinking source,  just waiting  7 – 10 minutes and it will transform it into water of fountain quality.  At work,  during workout at the gym,  on the beach,  on the road…
ViA holds 16.9 fl.oz.  (500 ml) of water and is made of premium, lead-free glass.  It comes with an exchangeable bottom piece called a GemPod, filled with an exquisite selection of hand-picked precious gemstones.
The ViA bottle’s removable bottom also makes it much easier to clean than traditional water bottles.  The glass part (without GemPod and lid) is dishwasher-safe.
The patented GemPod is assembled by hand in the German Alps.


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