Bohemia Crystal – Glass Files – Crystals Water – Fine Porcelain

Bohemia Crystal

Champagne flutes, wine glasses, decanters, brandy glasses, pitchers, tumblers, bowls, plates, trays…

Class Nail File

Patented Crystal Glass Nail File, original only by Blazek.

Crystals Water

Water like fresh-from-the-spring. Treated with natural hand-picked gems.

Dinnerware Porcelain Imperial Set with Gold Crystallo by Thun Studio 400 214@0.5x

Porcelain Tableware

Porcelain coffee and tea cups, plates, bowls, vases, boxes, dining sets…

US Presidency Sets

Crystal Glass and Fine Porcelains  Whiskey Sets and Tableware Sets

Limited Editions

Collector sets of luxury fine porcelain. Limited, with certificate of authenticity, numbered.

Art Glass

Original designer’s crystal pieces by Ange Studio.

Wine Edition

For wine lovers: Crystals Gemstone Vial precious gems softens the wine’s natural acids.