HAPPINESS Gem Water GRANDE Dispenser & Gemstone Vial Set



Imagine the perfect water fountain for your home, boutique or office. The GRANDE Dispenser is the state-of-the art solution to pamper family, friends, guests & customers with freshly drafted gemstone water. The perfect stage for our original Gemstone Vials.

Good for Crystal Virtues®:

Self-confidence, Will Power & Inner Strength
Love, Harmony & Balance
  • Included in Delivery: Gemstone Vial, Glass Decanter with faucet and stainless steel lid, Glass Stand
  • Specification: Capacity: 2 gallons (7 liters); Height: 27 in (680 mm); Diameter 8 in (200 mm)
  • Care: Handwash gemstone vial, Decanter is dishwasher-proof

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Full Description

Now this is the perfect bundle for a bunch of thirsty family members, friends, guests, co-workers and customers. Forget those ugly plastic dispenser and make a statement for good water. This set comes with a glass stand, a glass decanter (including stainless steel faucet and lid) and one original VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial with gemstone blend you chose. In addition there are large variety of the Gemstone Vials available to buy separately.

The greatest way to truly experience VitaJuwel GemWater is to dispense it from our immaculate GRANDE Dispenser. VitaJuwel GRANDE is the state-of-the-art solution for all environments to serve more than just a few cups of water to guests or thirsty family members.

It holds 2 gallons of gemstone water and works with all available blends of the regular-sized VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials. This piece of beautiful craftmanship holds the vial from the lid, allowing for safe and seemingly levitating your beautiful choice in vial.

Whether it be for a thirsty family or a company party the GRANDE is the safest and most elegant option for serving large quantities of water in style and with ease. Wow guests and family members alike with your GRANDEDispenser& Gemstone Vial Set.

GRANDE has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.  The stainless steel faucet is leakproof due to its Teflon seal. As the diameter at its foot is just 7 inches, it fits right in every apartment kitchen or water bar and holds two gallons of GemWater.

To make GRANDE even more attractive, we’ve designed a special LED light for the stand, to illuminate the decanter from below and to create special GemWater moments. Available optionally.


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