BEAUTY Gem Water ERA Decanter & Gemstone Vial Set



Gem blend BEAUTY  is perfect for those who want their inner beauty to radiate out into the world.
ERA Decanter is the most hygienic, efficient and safe solution to prepare pure Gemstone Water at home, like fresh-from-the-spring.
The Gemstone Vial is securely fastened in a lid and you can enjoy the beauty of the gems inside the vial and enjoy the fresh water enriched with the gorgeous energy of the gems.
Handmade of  lead-free glass  in Czech Republic, Europe.
How to prepare GemWater at home Read below…

Good for Crystal Virtues®:

Love, Harmony & Balance
Inspiration, Clarity & Focus


  • Included in Delivery:  Gemstone Vial  BEAUTY + Glass Decanter with stainless steel Lid
  • Specification: Capacity: 44 oz (1.3 liter);  Height: 15 in (370 mm);  Diameter: 4.5 in (110 mm)
  • Care:  Handwash gemstone Vial,  Decanter is dishwasher-proof

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Full Description

By applying gems to ordinary tap water, we get vitalized water and lively, as from the spring.
Preparing of GemWater is easy:
fill  ERA decanter with tap water and put Gem Vial, fixed to the decanter’s lid.  Waiting just  7 – 10 minutes and it will transform it into water of fountain quality.
You can change various Gemstone Vials in the decanter according to your current mood or needs.  You can have one decanter and several vials and change them in a decanter.
ERA Decanter provides a vibrant and exclusive setting for our Gemstone Vials and maximizes usability.
  • Gemstone Vial is securely fastened in a lid 
  • easy to use
  • the lid does not to be taken off while pouring water
  • holds 44 fl.oz  (1.3 l) of GemWater
  • dishwasher-safe  (including lid)
  • ERA decanter holds the gemstone Vial firmly, eliminates the Vial shaking and hitting the decanter and therefore reduces the risk breakage drastically
  • Gem Vial with its sparkling precious stones seems to be floating freely inside decanter
  • an astonishing design makes catering and serving of gemstone water an exciting experience and draws the attention of all your guests


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